Congratulations on Finishing Your Book, You Absolute Loser.

Congratulations! You just finished your book, and while we always knew you could do it, the odds in Vegas suggested that this was extremely unlikely, and some of us are out a lot of money this morning. But never mind! That’s irrelevant! Lifelong dreams have been accomplished, so does it really matter who gets thrown into the back of whose car and gets their fingers systematically broken?

Ahem. Where were we? THE BOOK. It is done. Go ahead and throw out that copy of The Artist’s Way that you bought and never actually opened. You don’t need it.  You are cured from whatever creative malaise that book was attempting to solve and if it strikes again, you can, I don’t know, start drinking absinthe or something. That book is for losers and failures, something that you are not, because you took a bunch of words and spat them out into

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