Debunking 7 common misconceptions about New Zealand

New Zealand, a land of breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals, and distinctive culture, is often shrouded in a few misconceptions. While this island nation is celebrated for its immaculate beauty and welcoming atmosphere, some stereotypes and misunderstandings persist. Let’s dive into the truth behind the misconceptions surrounding New Zealand.

Myth 1: “All of New Zealand is covered in lush greenery”

While it’s true that New Zealand boasts spectacular landscapes and luxuriant greenery, the notion that the entire country is one vast, uninterrupted stretch of rolling mountains and forests is a misconception. New Zealand’s diverse terrain includes mountains, desert-like terrain, beaches, lakes, and bustling urban areas. Te Onetapu, more widely recognised as the Rangipo Desert, is a desolate, desert-like expanse in New Zealand. The country’s topography is anything but uniform, with scenic fjords, volcanic mountains, vast grasslands, dense forests and astonishing glaciers.

Myth 2: “New Zealand is part of Australia”

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