Enter The Goodreads Giveaway and Win an Advance Copy of My Book

You might have heard by now (from me, and the way I keep talking about it all the time, on this site, and also on social media, and in real life) THAT I HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT. (Not apologizing for the all caps. I’m excited.) And if you haven’t already pre-ordered, please consider doing so OMG DO IT NOW. Pre-orders are critical to a book’s success. They count towards the first week of sales, which means that they are the strongest chance an author has to make it onto a bestseller list. And if that happens, more people hear about the book, which means more sales, which creates its own momentum. (Also, I would freak the out for the rest of my life?)

For a book like mine (weird, niche, written by a non-famous regular person who poops sitting down), THIS IS HUGE AND IMPORTANT. Plus, like,

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