Fashion Weeks Around the World: Beyond Paris, Milan, London, and New York

While the “Big Four” – Paris, Milan, London, and New York – are often revered as the ultimate havens of haute couture, there exists a multitude of other bustling fashion weeks around the globe that are equally deserving of acclaim. 

These events celebrate the sartorial splendor of their respective regions while also serving as incubators for emerging designers and trends. From the vibrant aesthetics of Latin America to the intricate textiles of Asia, we journey beyond the traditional fashion capitals to bring you the latest in global fashion flair.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Brazil

Often referred to as the “fashion gateway of Latin America”, Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) is renowned for its audacious designs and vibrant color palette. Here, designers don’t just create clothing, they weave narratives, often taking inspiration from Brazil’s rich culture and history. The event is a dynamic platform that supports local talent and encourages them

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