Kiha-183 Excursion Train Trip to Chachoengsao

Good morning from Bangkok Railway Station. Today I’m on the KiHa-183 excursion train to Chachoengsao. This is a THEAD of the trip. More information here:… You can also find more train photos and videos by following @ThaiTrainGuide on Twitter.

The KiHa-183 trains were donated by Japan. They were then refurbished in the Makkasan Workshops so that they look as good as new. They kept the livery the same as when it was used in Japan. There also kept the information signs. The KiHa-183 trains will be used as tourist trains.

The trip today is a package tour to Chachoengsao. The ticket price is 1,999 Baht which includes breakfast, lunch and a bus/boat tour.

Our first stop was in the middle of the bridge over the Bang Pakong

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