Must-Visit Places In South Africa: Gems Of The Rainbow Nation

South Africa is known as the rainbow nation. A country with remarkable wildlife, unique landscapes, savannah, semi-deserts, and subtropical forests. You will find yourself strolling the streets of the bohemian towns and enjoying the melting pot of African and European influence.

In contrast to the culturally-enriched areas, you will find cosmopolitan cities, laid-back towns, and apartheid museums that showcase South African history.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the must-visit places in South Africa that every tourist should be aware of. From great hiking trails to safari-like experiences, it’s an entire world in one country!

The Garden Route

The Garden Route coastline is a road that basts coastal cliffs with hiking paths. The paths narrow down and lead to beautiful beaches and white sands. The Robberg Peninsula can be finished in a four-hour walk, and it’s a great way to see dolphins, seals, and

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