My Nevis Travel Guide: The Caribbean Island You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Intoxicating natural vistas, deserted beaches, long dormant volcanoes, and the legacy of a once thriving sugar industry defines the landscape of Nevis; an off the beaten path Caribbean destination that’s making a name for itself as the place to be seen.

Visiting Nevis? This Nevis travel guide will give you a great overview of the island. Use the subheadings to navigate to the content that is most helpful to you.

Boasting a unique island charm that sets it apart from the region’s established vacation haunts such as Barbados and St Barts, Nevis is unspoilt, relaxed, and easy-going. Here wide open spaces and a rich cultural heritage implore visitors to ditch the clichéd holiday itinerary of all-inclusive sea, sand, and sun, and instead immerse themselves in the real Caribbean.

Without a single traffic light nor even a hint of rush hour madness (unless you count the donkeys and goats

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