My Super-Detailed Hadrian’s Wall Packing List for Women

In May 2018, I spent six days walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path, an 84-mile trail that stretches across Northern England. The path follows Hadrian’s Wall, a 2,000-year-old Roman wall built by the emperor Hadrian. I absolutely loved my experience walking Hadrian’s Wall, and wanted to share my packing list as I haven’t found a Hadrian’s Wall packing list specifically for women.

When it came to packing for Hadrian’s Wall, I wasn’t too stressed, as I had completed a much longer walk (the Camino) the year before. In the end, what I packed ended up being fairly similar to what I packed for the Camino, but a bit lighter (no sleeping bag or travel towel) and with more waterproof gear. This is England we’re talking about.

This post is divided into several sections, so if you’re only interested in a particular section, you can jump straight to it.

Hadrian’s Wall

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