Offbeat Rail Journeys That Offer an Unforgettable Multi-Destination Escape

By Charli Moore

I have to confess, I rarely travel by train. My overland trips to date have all been road trips and take inspiration from my destination bucket list; I never seem to consider the option to ride the rails.

With this in mind I’m hoping to make 2019 the year I book a rail road adventure. At the moment I’m looking at destinations in Europe, however my research has led me somewhat off the beaten path and I’m finding routes across India, Australia, and Canada have made their way onto my bucket list.

Looking for an offbeat rail journey that offers an unforgettable multi-destination escape? Here’s what my sense of wanderlust rates highly right now.

Coastal Pacific Route, South Island, New Zealand

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One of New Zealand’s great overland journeys the Coastal Pacific Route wends its way from Picton (the port

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