Some DOs and DON’Ts When Visiting Thailand

Whenever traveling to a foreign country it’s a good idea to read up on the culture, to see how it differs from your own in order to not offend the locals. Just about every guidebook for Thailand will inform travelers that you shouldn’t point your feet at a Buddha statue, but you should stand up when you hear the national anthem. You get the idea.

There are many other DOs and DON’Ts that the guidebooks may not cover, but which could save you from embarrassment, from wasting time and money, from losing your sanity, from bodily harm, or just from looking like a dumbass. This is no exhaustive list. It’s just a few bits of advice I wanted to pass along…

DON’T Pet the Tigers

Don’t be like the 2009 version of me

Tigers are carnivores, and one of the few carnivores out there large enough to prey

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