Thailand’s renowned hospitality shines through as ‘Good Host’ in troubled times

Stranded foreign tourists are expressing their gratitude to Thai local authorities and the people of Thailand for their hospitality and assistance after being stranded in the South of the country due to flight cancellations amid the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.

Foreigners stuck on Ko Phi Phi are expressing their sincere appreciation and gratitude for Thailand’s renowned hospitality and warmth to strangers, and say they are coping as well as can be expected given the current conditions that prevent them from returning home to their respective countries.

They are keen to express their appreciation, including praising the Thais for being a good host, each is receiving free medical care, free food, free masks, free hand washing gel, and free visa exemption while staying in a tropical paradise.

One foreign visitor said, “The generosity of the Thai people has warmed my heart after spending two months on a small island

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