The 14 Best Things I Ate in Norway

When I found out I would be going to Norway I couldn’t wait to the cruise the fjords, visit the real life Arendelle, hike a glacier, and go rafting on a river that I had only previously experienced while drinking out of a fancy cylindrical glass bottle. Something I never really gave much thought to was Norwegian food. The closest I’d ever been to Scandinavian food was eating whale in Iceland and tiny meatballs at IKEA. Norway brought Scandinavian food to a whole other level. Here in no particular order are the 14 most noteworthy things I got to eat in the land of the midnight sun.

#14. Brown Cheese
Brown Cheese, or Brunost, can be found almost everywhere. It stands out because it looks like cheese but is unsettlingly brown. You won’t find a Norwegian breakfast buffet without sizable quantities of brown cheese seemingly setup as some sort of alter that the Norwegians flock to and foreigners

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