The Deload Week for Work and Life

Why you should be taking 12 weeks off per year…

“In life, we must have flexibility. Our spirits must be able to move freely. To be too stiff and rigid is to be brittle and lacking in responsiveness.”

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’ve obsessed about work/life balance for a long time.

If you own 100% of your time you decide when to work, when to stop, and when to take a few days off. It’s a lot easier to just work endlessly while stressing out about how you’re not really ‘living the dream’.

At the beginning of this experiment I didn’t work enough, and now I work way too much. Most people who do this long enough realize the importance of staying in one place and developing routine, but excessive routine can become a self-imposed prison.

A few things I’ve learned about myself:

I love to work. I need

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