The Solo Female Travellers Guide to Japan

Japan is a country known for its culture, delicious food, technological wizardry, and its stunning landscapes (we are talking about you, Mt. Fuji).

For a solo female traveller, Japan checks all the boxes one looks for before embarking on a solo trip. Safe? Check. Easy to meet other travellers? Check. Easy to navigate between cities by public transport? Check. Exciting things to do? Of course!

Here is the ULTIMATE guide for solo female travellers visiting Japan, as recommended by Savannah from The Globval Humanitarian.

Is Japan suitable for solo female travellers?

Japan is an excellent choice for solo female travel as it is one of the safest countries in the world. Keep an eye on your purse and use common sense as you would in your home country. Another reason Japan is great for solo female travellers? No catcalling. Not once in my month-long stay in Japan was

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