The Top Five Travel Destinations in the World for Hiking Enthusiasts

The world is a big, beautiful place, and no one knows that better than people who love to hike.

Sure – you could fly, boat, or drive your way to the world’s most picturesque locations and get to take in the scenery along the way, and you may need to in order to get close enough to start. However, to truly appreciate the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations that make our world incredibly diverse and unique, you need to strap on your most comfortable shoes, and start walking!

Hiking not only allows you to truly absorb every aspect of the environment, but also provides numerous other benefits as well. Exercise is an obvious one, there’s a level of connection and stimulation you can only get by walking. If you’re in a car, or any other vehicle, there’s a buffer – an impenetrable space between you and the surrounding landscape.


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