These Are The Best Spa Resorts In Russia, Armenia & Georgia

Russia, Armenia, and Georgia might not be at the top of your average list of the best spas in the world, however all three countries offer visitors the chance to decompress amid beautiful natural environments.

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The hot springs are located 11 km from Tyumen. Discovered half a century ago by people looking for oil, the water temperature is 40 degrees Celsius and above all year round and is rich in minerals such as bromine, calcium, magnesium and chlorine.

Tyumen Onsen is famous for its well-developed infrastructure. The most popular sanatoriums and recreation centers are “Eldorado Gold Country” (located in the “Upper Pine Forest”), “Wenzili” (located in the “Pine Forest”), and “Onsenkyo” (located in the “Pine Forest”). “Pine Forest”), “In the old days” (at the “Stone Hearth”) and “Distant” (undeveloped (unexplored hot springs).

In the “Upper Pine

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