Visit the Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani

One of the highlights of visiting Udon Thani province in northeastern Thailand is the so-called “Red Lotus Sea” or Talay Bua Daeng (ทะเลบัวแดง) in Thai. Really it is a lake and not a sea. Also, they are pink water-lilies and not red lotuses. But, regardless of these small details, it is an amazing sight that can be enjoyed during the cool season from late November until early March. The best time of day to visit is during the morning, the earlier the better when the water lilies are in full bloom. The best month is said to be in January when the lilies cover a much larger area. I went there recently at the end of November and was quite impressed with the amount of flowers. The weather was certainly perfect with a lovely cool breeze.

Nong Han Kumphawapi lake is still relatively unknown among foreign

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