Weekend Train Trip to Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang

Good morning from Chiang Mai Railway Station. The State Railway of Thailand has joined hands with Lampang Rajabhat University to organize train tours under the label ‘Lanna Modernization Railroad Travel’. The aim is to promote rail tourism and the route between the old towns of Lampang, Lamphun, and Chiang Mai. This is now their fourth package tour. The demgraphics of my fellow passengers are retirees with disposable income. The tour price was 7,590 Baht and the ones that I asked said it was a reasonable price. In fact there were some people who had been on all four trips so far.

This is a live report of my three-night, two-day tour with them in Northern Thailand. 

[2] We came to Chiang Mai on Special Express No.9 which is a sleeper train. I got a full seven hours

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