Welcome to the Summer of Awkward!

Not gonna lie: when you said you were having a casual “we’re all vaccinated” shindig at your place, I wasn’t sure what you meant? Ha, not like casual sex, right? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. I mean, does casual refer to the attire? What does casual attired mean to me, someone who has been alternating between day pajamas to night pajamas and sometimes, hell, I just wear the same thing, in and out and back into bed again because time is meaningless, and who is going to judge me? Sorry, was I rambling? After a year trapped with the unfettered assery of my own thoughts, like a hamster running around in a plastic ball that it has repeatedly defecated in, I have forgotten how conversations work. Is it that I go and then you go again? Do we just take turns talking or what?

Sorry, should I be

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