What Are The Best Languages For Travellers To Learn?

Travelling broadens your horizons, immerses you in new cultures, and helps you to step outside your comfort zone. It also has plenty of benefits, like promoting a healthy physique and raising cultural awareness. But one of the best things about travelling is learning new languages and expanding your knowledge.

Wondering what you should learn to be able to talk like a local in almost any country? Keep reading to find out!


English is the universal language that is widely spoken all over the world. With 1.132 million speakers worldwide, English has become the universal language of travel. Because you can hear it almost everywhere, it’s also easy to remember words and learn the language.

For a non-English speaker, it may be quite tricky to learn it, but it depends on your native language a lot. For example, if you’re a Spanish speaker, you’ll learn English faster than a

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