Why Ditching My Dream Camera Made Me Love Photography Again

I’ve loved photography since the age of 12 when after much cajoling, my parents gave me a point and shoot camera. Throughout middle and high school, I practiced photography consistently, asking anyone and everyone to model for me. Right from the start, I adored it.

As I advanced, I graduated to increasingly sophisticated cameras: a film SLR in high school, a DSLR in college, and a Canon Rebel in my early twenties. When I started blogging at the age of 22, I quickly became fixated on the most coveted camera of the blogosphere; the Canon Mark II. Every blogger and photographer I admired seemed to have it. No matter that the Mark II was enormous, making it impractical for travel photography. If I’m going to become a real photographer, I thought, I need a Mark II.

Several years later, I finally bought my dream camera — a full-frame

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