The Magic of Stone Town, Zanzibar: What to Eat, See, and Do

Stone Town, Zanzibar, is a maze. A beautiful, chaotic labyrinth that harkens back to another world. As I walked the narrow streets, I almost felt like I was in a Moroccan medina. Historically, Stone Town was a base for Middle Eastern traders who came to East Africa in search of spices, ivory, and slaves. Over time Swahili culture […]

Life in Africa: Month 2

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to resume my monthly recaps! My recaps will cover the highs and lows of living in Uganda and Kenya, as well as recap where I’m traveling and what I’m reading. Wow, what a month! I got to spend a week in Zanzibar diving and beaching (but mostly beaching). Not only […]

How to Travel When You Work a Full-time Job

I’ll be the first to admit that it can be hard to travel when you work full-time. Especially if you’re American. After all, the United States is the world’s only advanced economy that does not require employers to provide paid vacation time. Thanks, capitalism. However it is still possible to travel with limited paid time off. And […]

The Life-changing Magic of Korean Skincare

Over the past few years, I’ve fallen in love with Korean skincare. It’s inexpensive, customizable, and gentle. Most importantly, it’s improved my skin ten-fold. The only problem is I’ve never been about to find a Korean skincare routine that works for me. Most Korean skincare routines you find online are intense. They often take several […]

When Loneliness Strikes Abroad

A few weeks ago, a Swedish girl invited me out to a bar with her friends. The bar was in Kampala’s industrial district, on top of a warehouse. When I climbed the stairs to the rooftop, I saw a scene out of East London or Brooklyn. There were countless young people drinking cocktails under the faint […]

6 Cookbooks that Travelers will Absolutely Love

I like to cook and host dinner parties more than basically anything. And I love to cook food from all over the world – from countries I’ve lived in (France, Argentina), countries I’ve visited (Japan), and countries I’m dying to visit (Iran, Korea). So I wanted to put together a list of my favorite cookbooks that feature international cuisine. This […]

Life in Africa: Month 1

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to resume my monthly recaps! My recaps will cover the highs and lows of living in Africa, as well as where I’m traveling and what I’m reading. I’ve now been living in Kampala, Uganda, for a full month! And what a ride it’s been. Depending on the day, I oscillate […]

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Peak District

While in the north of England, I knew I had to visit the fabled Peak District. I was staying in Manchester with a friend, and considering the Peaks are only thirty minutes from Manchester, it’s an easy day trip. The Peak District made me feel like I was inside of a Jane Austen novel. The Peaks […]

Want to improve your vocabulary? Start a wordboard

This will probably come as no surprise given how much I read, but I love words. I love reading any words that are beautifully strung together, whether it’s in the form of poetry or foreign languages or rap music. Hearing an articulate person speak is like music to me, and reading The New York Times or The […]

My First Impressions of Uganda

I’ve only been in Kampala, Uganda, for a week and I’m already head over heels. I like it so much that when people ask me, “How are you liking Kampala so far?” I have to hold back from gushing about all the reasons I’m so enamored. For those who don’t know, I moved to Uganda because I […]

Highlights of a Week in England

England holds a special place in my heart. I love the pubs, the dry humor, the thousands of years of history. It’s also a very unique country. Where else would you overhear a middle-aged man on the train talking about how he’s ‘very fussy’ with his tea sandwiches? I’ll be writing individual posts about the […]

On Leaving Behind a Life You Love

A few months back, I was feeling unsure about my direction. So I read my tarot cards. The first card I pulled was a hierophant. It read, “You may be struggling with an issue and are unsure about what is “right” for you to do. Know that the answers are within you.” At the time, I was […]

24 Hours in Brussels

One of my favorite things about Europe is how easy it is to travel between countries. In the states a two-hour train ride gets you to a cornfield. In Europe, it gets you to a different country. So one morning while I was in Paris, I decided to visit my cousin Angie who lives in Brussels. […]

My Paris Food Diary

When I lived in Paris I was all about international food, from dim sum to Korean to Lebanese. But on this trip I just wanted old-school French gastronomie – think French onion soup, crêpes and cholesterol-laden salads. As I’m rarely in France these days, I wanted the classics. Here is the best of my Paris food […]