What Living in Stockholm as an Expat is Really Like

Welcome to American Expats, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Today Kate will be sharing about the ups and downs of living in Stockholm. Stockholm seems like a gorgeous, livable city so I loved hearing her take on living there as an expat. Kate is Canadian, and […]

Career Advice for Lost Twenty-somethings

Me at my college graduation in 2012 In my twenties, I’ve felt so much pressure (both internal and external) to find the right career. I think most of us have. Since graduating from college, I’ve worked in sales and marketing. I’ve freelanced and blogged and au paired. I’ve entertained many, many career paths, from journalism […]

7 Foods You Have to Try in Azerbaijan

One thing that surprised me about my trip to Azerbaijan? The food. It turns out Azerbaijani food is amazing. It’s healthy, varied, and fresh, with lots of sour notes and pickled components. Overall, Azerbaijani cuisine is most similar to Turkish food. You’ll also see influences from other neighboring countries: lots of pomegranates (commonly used in […]

11 Super Unique Things to Do in Baku, Azerbaijan

There is no shortage of interesting things to do in Baku, Azerbaijan – by any measure, it’s a fascinating place. Some people like to say that Baku is “the new Dubai”. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Thankfully, Baku couldn’t be the new Dubai – it has too much history. While you will see […]

What Living in the Czech Republic is Really Like

Welcome back to American Expats, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Today we’re speaking to Cynthia, an English teacher living in the Czech Republic. Ahead, she talks about quirky Czech fashion, the live-and-let-live Bohemian lifestyle, and the food she craves when she’s missing home. Cynthia’s background:  In […]

20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Azerbaijan

Have you ever gone somewhere you knew nothing about? That’s what Azerbaijan was for me — the unknown. My friend Matt and I decided to travel there in a ‘Why not?’, spin-the-globe sort of way. We wanted to go somewhere different. What we found was a former stop on the Silk Road, a one-time Soviet Republic, […]

The Ultimate Camino de Santiago Packing List

I googled about a million Camino de Santiago packing lists before starting my pilgrimage. I wanted to get it right – after all, the Camino takes around 36 days, and crosses nearly 500 miles. It’s not short. Because the Camino is so long, it’s extremely important to pack the right gear. It’s equally important to […]

My 7 Favorite Cities in the World

To quote Carrie Bradshaw, I’m what you might call a bonafide city girl. From the time I left home at 18, I’ve lived in as many cities as possible: Chicago, Buenos Aires, Paris, Denver, Boulder, and Kampala, Uganda. Excitingly, I just moved to a new city — Ann Arbor, Michigan! In celebration of that, I […]

Turning 28 + Some Life Updates

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. I’ve tried to blog more recently (see examples A, B, and C), but haven’t written anything of the personal nature in a while. So, I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to this summer. Where I’ve been At gorgeous Muncho Lake in British Columbia, […]

What Living in Shanghai as a Expat is Really Like

Hey guys! Welcome to American Expats, a new series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Next up: Samantha, a teacher who has been living in Shanghai for four years. Here, she talks about soup dumplings, personal safety, and the importance of a good VPN. Samatha’s background: My name […]

Mountain-biking with Zebras in Lake Mburo, Uganda

For my last weekend in Uganda, I wanted to do something special. So I decided to venture west to Lake Mburo National Park with my aunt, uncle, and two of our friends. Lake Mburo is six hours from Kampala, deep in Ankole Country. Everyone recommended we stay at Rwakobo Rock, and as soon as we […]

20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Scotland

This May, I spent a week in Scotland with one of my favorite travel buddies – my dad.  My dad is a die-hard history buff, so traveling Scotland with him was a joy. (He’s also one of the funniest people I know, which helps too.) We spent three days of our trip in Edinburgh, and the […]

Dream Travel Jobs: What It’s Like to be a Travel Show Producer

Bella Falk has what most people consider a dream job: She travels the world working as a TV producer and director, shooting travel shows for the BBC and Lonely Planet. Bella and I connected while we were living in Uganda, and I was so fascinated by her life and career that I asked her to do […]

Two Art and Pasta-filled Days in Florence

Between hiking the Dolomites and eating everything in Bologna, it’s safe to say I enjoyed myself in Italy. But before flying to Spain to walk the Camino, I had one last stop – Florence. I journeyed to Florence to see my mom, who was attending a painting course. My mom is a very talented artist, […]

What to Eat in Bologna, Italy’s Culinary Capital

While I was visiting Bologna, Italy, last fall, I enjoyed some of the best food of my life; from the fresh pastas to the cured meats, it was all magnificent. I’d even go as far as to say Bologna has the best food in Italy and possibly Europe. So I wanted to write a culinary […]