What You Actually Need to Pack for Scotland: A Complete Packing List

Scotland is a fairly easy place to pack for. The weather is consistently mild all year round, though it can be rainy and windy. When it comes to packing for a trip to Scotland, there are two essentials you’ll want to pack: rain gear and layers.

A note about my packing style — I’m a (sometimes overly) light packer — I packed for Scotland using only a carry-on. Though I like to travel light, I still like to look presentable. I wear a lot of black because it doesn’t stain and looks good with everything. And I have a weakness for red lipstick, as you’ll see in the photos.

Table of Contents

Scotland Packing List

Packing gear 1 carry-on suitcase 1 backpack — for valuables and electronics 1 small crossbody purse — I love this one from Cuyana Packing cubes — the

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