7 Ways to Get Anything Anywhere

[Photo: Bunch of stuff I just received on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean] When living anywhere is no longer an obstacle to getting exactly what you need… Live outside of the US long enough and you’ll find something you can’t live without, something unavailable in local stores. Occasionally (though not at the moment) I […]

The Deload Week for Work and Life

Why you should be taking 12 weeks off per year… “In life, we must have flexibility. Our spirits must be able to move freely. To be too stiff and rigid is to be brittle and lacking in responsiveness.”–Musashi It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’ve obsessed about work/life balance for a long […]

Reading a Book a Week and Other ‘One Things’ in 2016

One of my favorite books on productivity is The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. If you haven’t read it, the premise is simple: to accomplish any goal, do the next thing makes all other tasks else easier or irrelevant. That ‘one thing’ is the lead domino in a sequence that will take […]

Case Study: How we made a 237% ROI on one Authority Site

Why building an authority site is one of the best investments I’ve made. How does one go about making money online? Or alternatively, what are the best investments one can make in online businesses? I was recently surprised by my own answers to these questions. As one of the most basic ways to make money online, […]

The MobilityWOD For Surfers

A shortlist of key Mobility Work for Surfing What’s the best way to optimize overall fitness for surfing? It’s a question I’ve been pondering since I took a crash course in human athletic performance at San Francisco CrossFit back in 2013. In about 17 collective months of surfing since–from being obliterated in Hawaii to washing up on various reefs […]

What it Costs to Live Around the World

A breakdown of my cost of living over the last few years. I’m a strong believer that budgeting and tracking are among the most important skills you can develop. Simply because to be in charge of your destiny you have to know what’s going on and what the plan is. Having access to good numbers is […]

18 Travel Apps and Tools I use Daily on the Road

Traveling used to be a lot harder. I remember trying to write a blog post in Buenos Aires in 2008. Wifi as we know it was not widely available, but internet cafes were everywhere, and they worked pretty well if you could get around the non-US keyboards and the impossibility of finding the ‘@’ symbol. […]

A Digital Nomad Pack List After 5 Years on the Road

What happens to your gear when you never go home? More specifically–after nearly 5 years on the road–what time-tested equipment am I still willing to lug around in a backpack? In late 2013 I left the US for a second trip around the world. That trip never really ended, and my original SE Asia Pack List had to survive […]

The Diet that Doubled my Testosterone in 2015

Note: This post is by popular request. I’ve received more messages requesting details on my dietary experiments than almost anything else I’ve written. For those who know the backstory you can skip to the breakdown. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. Consider this functional entertainment. Also keep in mind everyone […]

7 Key Lessons From Business Building in 2015

Or, what happened to SpartanTraveler last year. Editor’s Note: Many thanks to all those who encouraged me to get back to writing. 2015 was a bit of a grind, but the good news is I’ve got plenty to share from the experience. Fear not, trusty readers, SpartanTraveler is alive and well. But getting somewhere in […]