A Digital Nomad Pack List After 5 Years on the Road

What happens to your gear when you never go home?

More specifically–after nearly 5 years on the road–what time-tested equipment am I still willing to lug around in a backpack?

In late 2013 I left the US for a second trip around the world. That trip never really ended, and my original SE Asia Pack List had to survive a number countries, seasons, and activities that I’d never anticipated.

It’s now May 2016 and the core of my kit remains largely unchanged.  Here are the two biggest discoveries/upgrades to the list:

The biggest challenges to the original pack list were:

Cold weather, including my first winter in 3 years (spent in Budapest!). More demanding health and fitness requirements (meaning little or no sacrifices of health or fitness routines while traveling or working). Scaled-up work efforts (meaning the need for a more powerful laptop and some higher-end office gear). The ongoing fantasy of a Jason-Bourne meets Ueli Steck gear kit

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