18 Travel Apps and Tools I use Daily on the Road

Traveling used to be a lot harder.

I remember trying to write a blog post in Buenos Aires in 2008. Wifi as we know it was not widely available, but internet cafes were everywhere, and they worked pretty well if you could get around the non-US keyboards and the impossibility of finding the ‘@’ symbol.

The ease of modern travel with a local SIM card powered smart-phone with broadband internet access is borderline ridiculous. Nothing is impossible when you can get on the internet, and wandering around looking for accommodation has been replaced by some quick tactical research. 

After 3 weeks of traveling through part of the Canary Islands, Southern Spain, and Portugal, this list of tools naturally rose to the surface through daily use. There is still a lot of room for improvement (used Skype recently?), but it’s a lot of fun when a new tool comes along and solves a major first

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