How to Take Part in Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Untouched beaches, pristine oceans, and beautiful, exotic wildlife are only some of the reasons travelers choose to visit Costa Rica. Every inch of this country is buzzing with diverse wildlife and lush vegetation, and still it isn’t safe from the devastating and harmful effects caused by us, human beings. One such species affected is the […]

6 Off-Beat Places You Need To Visit in Norway

While the country has plenty to offer, for those keen to stay off the well-trodden tourist trail my pick of seven off-beat places you need to visit in Norway is a great resource with which to start your search. Stirring landscapes that inspire thoughts of adventures in the great outdoors make Norway a popular destination […]

Sailing the Cyclades: Yacht Getaways Greece Explorer

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Greece a couple of times already over the last few years, spending time in Athens and on honeymooners’ paradise Santorini. However, it wasn’t until my week sailing the Yacht Getaways Greece Explorer route through the Cyclades that I truly fell in love with the country. If you’ve landed on […]

10 fantastic things to do on the East Coast of Australia

A trip on the East Coast is a classic in Australia –a must, I should say. The road is punctuated by all kind of discoveries, from a rich and fascinating wildlife to beautiful cities. From Brisbane to Melbourne, it took us two wonderful weeks to explore the coast –and much less time to fall in love […]

You Should Consider Getting Lost on Santorini This Summer

It’s 7am on a sunny day in June and I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking the cerulean waters of the Aegean Sea, taking in the view of neighbouring islet Nea Kameni, and listening to the sound of hooves clattering on the cobbled street below. getting lost on santorini A crescent-shaped island, Santorini’s indomitable cliffs were […]

The Ultimate Guide To House Sitting Abroad

This article was updated in August 2017 If you’re an adventurous sort you might be interested in taking up temporary residence in a foreign country. Have you considered house sitting abroad? The opportunity to live like a local in a small Nicaraguan community or in remote British Colombia might at first sound appealing but once […]

How to Maximise Your Business Travel Budget by using the Sharing Economy

If you’ve aspirations of taking your online business on the road and travelling the world, then make a note of the sharing economy businesses featured in this article. By booking services offered through these sites you could save $$$s compared to the standard alternatives. Catering to travellers who are bringing their preferences as consumers into […]

79 Gap Year Essentials for Backpackers Who Love Adventure

Updated July 2017 Travel. Whether by plane, train, or auto mobile, the act of exploring the world requires some preparation. Especially when it comes to choosing which of your worldly possessions you’ll carry with you on your journey. can’t live without on your gap year From hiking boots and waterproofs, to high heels and caftans, your […]

Honolulu Or Lahaina? Which Hawaiian City Offers The Most Aloha For Your Money? 

Synonymous with the image of a paradisaical escape, Hawaii is home to eight islands each offering a unique blend of Pacific cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes. Proudly maintaining the cultural identity that sets it apart from mainland U.S.A. the archipelago attracts travellers of all persuasions, however it’s those with an adventurous spirit to whom it beckons […]

7 Must See Cities in Cuba That Will Steal Your Heart

Updated July 2017 Must see cities in Cuba. Cuba is a beautiful country that every traveller should visit, perhaps even more than once. I am quite sure that it is one of those places that is best enjoyed the second time around, and in fact most people I know who have been to Cuba keep […]

Nevis’ Booby Island Regatta is the Caribbean’s Quirkiest Sailing Event

The island of Nevis isn’t one of the Caribbean’s most distinguished destinations, however it’s ramshackle beach bars, undeveloped coastline, and lush volcanic peaks are held in high regard by those who have found their way to its verdant shores. Sitting just two miles east of St Kitts where the newly established super yacht marina Christophe […]