10 Quick Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography Today

Wildlife photography is one of the most rewarding pursuits a photographer can explore. It is also among the most challenging. Wild animals don’t pose for the camera like models. They don’t warn you when a “Kodak moment” is about to happen. 

To help you take beautiful wildlife photos fit for National Geographic, try our 10 quick tips on your next shoot.

Tip #1: Get to Know Your Subject

If your objective is to get shots of a particular animal (say, manatees, for example), it will help a lot to do some research about your subject in advance of your shoot. What time of day are they most active? Do they travel in groups or solo? Will you find them on open, grassy plains or amid the trees? Will it be possible to get right up close to them?

By answering these sorts of questions, you’ll be able to tailor your approach

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