Thoughts on the Realities of Travelling as a Couple

I can imagine that to a lot of people, travelling long-term with your significant other is a daunting thought… How will we function spending 24/7 together? Will I be able to have my own space?  What if we want to do different things? The whole concept can seem very overwhelming but it really shouldn’t be […]

Quick Facts on Trekking Everest Base Camp

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to get to the Everest Base Camp? Or, who the first person was to take an Everest base camp trek? This article will answer those and many other questions. Trekking in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp is an adventure of a lifetime. You can explore the mountains […]

Stargazing Destinations in India That Will Leave You Awestruck

The thought of universe’s vastness is definitely something that leaves one humbled. The stars are a reminder of the millions of lives that have been spent on a speck of dust hanging on a sunbeam as described by Carl Sagan. This sometimes adds a melancholic tinge to one’s thoughts when witnessing the immense beauty of […]

My Guide to Spending 48 Hours in San Francisco

Whether you are in San Francisco for a standalone visit or are perhaps there as part of a wider road trip, there has never been a better time to visit this iconic city. From Alcatraz and the painted ladies to the twisting angles of Lombard Street and everything in-between, San Francisco has everything for everyone and is one of […]

These are the World’s Best Wildlife Holidays for Nature Photographers

I read somewhere that BBC wildlife documentary series Planet Earth was so popular in China that the country’s combined streaming activities slowed the internet when it aired. An exaggeration perhaps, but totally believable. The programme’s epic photography and captivating commentary have brought the topic of conservation to the forefront of the conversation in our living […]

Fail Safe Christmas Gifts for the Travel Lover in Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner and so I’ve started the always challenging task of finding thoughtful presents for my friends and family. It can be tough to know where to start when searching online, this year I’ve been searching online to come up with ideas. My plan is to find items that I like the […]

The Galapagos Cruise Guide for Budget Savvy Travellers

This Galapagos cruise guide will help you differentiate between the various classes of cruise travel offered, and ensure you get the best value trip for your money. Since Charles Darwin first wrote about the unique and beautiful creatures and landscapes he found there in 1835, the Galapagos Islands have been a must-see destination for evolutionary […]

Under the Radar Winter Resorts You Probably Won’t Find in Your Guidebook

For every Whistler Backcomb, Wanaka, and Chamonix there’s a lesser-known, often less developed winter resort overlooked by those who favour après ski over isolated piste. Ideal for those looking to escape the masses and explore off the beaten path, here’s my guide to some fabulously unfamiliar and under the radar winter resorts. SAINTE-FOY, FRANCE OPTIMUM […]

A Canoe Safari on the Whanganui River

Listed as one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks the Whanganui River Journey isn’t a walk at all. Instead of tramping a well-trodden trail, those who seek to disconnect from the outside world paddle a 157km stretch of water which meanders through some of the most remote parts of New Zealand’s North Island. ‘Ko au […]