3 Essential Freestyle Skiing Safety Tips

The art of freestyle skiing is taking the world by storm. The sport has become so popular that it’s now a part of the Olympics. You’ve probably seen pros doing all kinds of tricks and stunts on social media and streaming sites like YouTube, but there’s a lot more to this activity than meets the eye. From ski helmet accessories to essential warm-ups, it requires lots of coordination, practice, and safety equipment. 

Freestyle skiing can refer to several different ski maneuvers and disciplines, including moguls, aerials, slopestyle, and halfpipe, but it often involves jumps and acrobatic stunts that can increase the risk of injury. If you land in the wrong position, you could injure your shoulder, leg, wrist, or head. Common injuries include concussion, torn ACLs, dislocated shoulder, or fractured ankle or wrist.

The good news is there are many precautions you can take to reduce your risk of injury

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