4 Travel Tips When Going on Holiday to Greece

When the idea of a vacation springs to mind, it’s hard not to think about calming sunset views and crystal-clear waters, where a laidback lifestyle reigns supreme. It’s no wonder, then, that 2.5 million tourists landed on the shores of Greece during the first quarter of this year. The Mediterranean country boasts 6,000 stunning islands, where only 227 are inhabited. This makes for a wide variety of seaside explorations, from pebble beaches to sand dunes to mysterious coves. Of course, going on holiday to Greece is about more than just visiting its exquisite coastline. Sun and sand aside, there’s plenty to behold in the birthplace of Western civilization – ancient ruins, world-class museums, fantastic food, and the Greek zest for life that has endeared many tourists to the country for decades.

As the cultural meeting point of Eastern and Western Europe – and the birthplace of Western civilization – you’ll notice Byzantine, Italian, Ottoman, and

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