75th birthday of the Plitvice Lakes National Park

The Plitvice Lakes National Park has been welcoming nature lovers from around the world for 75 years now, establishing itself as a favourite natural oasis.

The Society for the Arrangement and Beautification of Plitvice Lakes was established in Zagreb in 1893 with the aim of creating opportunities for visitors and preserving this wonderful environment. This organisation contributed significantly to the promotion of the Plitvice Lakes both in Croatia and abroad. Their first initiative to grant national park status to the Plitvice Lakes dates back to 1925! During the interwar period, the academic Ivo Pevalek tried to bring attention to the necessary preservation of the lakes and leveraged his career and reputation to protect the Plitvice Lakes. Ivo Pevalek, an unforgettable explorer of flora whose passion towards the natural world inspired many generations, played a crucial part in the establishment of the Plitvice Lakes National

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