A Sarajevo Roadtrip

The following article is a contribution by StyleHiClub reader, Joanie Lindstrom. Joanie was inspired by our own adventures around the Western Balkans enough to take her own Sarajevo roadtrip. Below are her adventures in her own words. You can read her full trip-report here

My friend Andrew and I did a quick zip thru much of the former Yugoslavia, 7 cities in 2 weeks. We had a rather tedious/grueling drive into town from Belgrade (and going from Sarajevo to Montenegro was even worse). Lots of animals meandering along, crappy roads, funky GPS, etc. Thankfully a few high points on the radio like “She Bop” and even Bruno Mars helped with the drive (I do a punk rock show every Thursday morning so those aren’t my usual go to’s). As you can imagine, we spent a lot of time driving on this trip, not surprisingly.

A friend had recommended the Hotel Michel so I went with that

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