Chiang Mai Pigeons Don’t Give a Flying F**k About “No Feeding” Signs

In an impressive display of mass civil disobedience, thousands of pigeons continue to occupy Chiang Mai’s historic Thaphae Gate area demanding the right to be fed. Ignoring the many warning signs reading “Don’t feed the animals” in 3 languages (Chinese, English, and Thai), the flying rodents keep harassing helpless tourists to demand more food.

The tourists, consisting mostly of mainland Chinese, have little choice but to purchase contraband edibles from the local bird food mafia to keep the pigeon hordes from breaking out into a full scale riot.

Not fearing any threats of arrest or punishment, the all-powerful bird food mafia continue to exercise supreme authority in the vicinity of Thaphae Gate square. Their plan to transform a thousand square meters of bird shit covered pavement into the biggest tourist attraction in Southeast Asia has thus far been a raging success, and they have no plans to give up their

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