Mons: Belgium’s Overlooked Gem

Although quite small in size, Belgium offers a huge itinerary of things to do and sights to see within its borders. The stunning and exciting Brussels headlines the plans of many tourists with its party atmosphere as well as its refined fine dining area. Some people prefer to take the trip to Belgium to enjoy the more seasonal treats on offer, such as the Christmas markets. All over Belgium, cities come alive in the middle of winter by propping up cozy Christmas markets, with those in Ghent, Brussels, and Bruges being particularly stunning. But, amidst these world-renowned tourist destinations, there is a quaint but hugely significant city nestled away in Wallonia. Few people have heard of Mons and yet it delivers an unforgettable and exciting experience for all who choose to venture away from the more popular northern cities.

Cuisine: French quality, German quantity

Belgium, which neighbours Germany, France,

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