Remembering Leopards

With an impala in its sights, the leopard slowly and stealthily stalks forward. Her head is low and her legs are bent. She’s the master of camouflage and her light golden-brown fur, with black spots and rosettes blends into the long grass. She makes clever use of the cover. Her plan is clearly to ambush her prey, and she crouches low, trying to get as close as possible to her target without being seen. Suddenly she makes a brief and explosive charge. Pouncing on her prey, she dispatches it with a quick bite to the neck, before carrying it up into a tree, away from potential scavengers, for the final feast.

Leopards are the most versatile and adaptable of the big cats, but despite this adaptability, global populations and distribution are in decline. Loss of habitat and prey, as well as intense persecution as livestock killers, is the

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