Review: Thornbury Castle Hotel and Restaurant, near Bristol, UK

In 2021, The Times crowned Thornbury Castle Hotel as Britain’s Best Romantic Hotel. Guests time travel back to Tudor days, to a castle that was once Henry Vlll’s country escape, for a majestic taste of Renaissance living.

Sleep regally in the octagonal Henry Vlll suite, where he and Anne Boleyn stayed for 10 days in 1535 whilst waiting for Bristol’s plague to abate. Climb the 77 steps to the fairy tale Catherine of Aragon tower with its 10 feet wide bed. Or relax in any of the other  25 beautifully curated bedchambers. Recalling palatial Tudor living, Thornbury has sumptuous bedchambers rather than rooms.

Begun in 1510 by Edward Stafford, the third Duke of Buckingham, Thornbury Castle was nearing completion when Henry appropriated it after the he had Stafford executed for treason in 1521.

The welcome

With just 27 bedchambers, the welcome is warm and personal. First, we are

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