7 Immersive Travel Experiences For Your Summer Bucket List

Whether you’re looking for a more meaningful gap year experience or just a change of scene from your usual holiday itinerary, these immersive travel experiences can elevate your time abroad and help you to really get to know the places you visit.

Planning your summer 2022 bucket list? Here are some ideas that are sure to inspire:

Volunteer in off-grid destinations

Make meaningful memories whilst exploring a new country by volunteering and giving back to the local communities you visit. There’s an incredible range of volunteer abroad programs to choose from and a number of different companies that offer voluntourism experiences. You could volunteer for a beach conservation project in Ghana or teach English to young children there, or you might choose to undertake a medical internship at a hospital in Nepal. Whatever you choose, volunteering abroad will offer a truly immersive travel experience.

House and pet sit in

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