America, You’re Doing it Wrong – Why Tipping in Restaurants is Stupid

It’s pretty common for expats in Asia to bitch and complain about silly little things like road safety and breathable air, and while it might be unreasonable to expect people in every country to use turn signals and not burn down the forests, there are some things that Asian countries do get right that my homeland America gets totally wrong. At the top of this list is tipping—or rather the lack of a need to do so.

Having lived in Japan and Thailand for over ten years, tipping is probably the one aspect of American culture that I miss the least. Many of you might think I’m just being a cheap Charlie, or if you haven’t traveled much outside the US, you might not even be able to comprehend the concept of dining out without tipping the waitstaff. But here’s the deal—I don’t mind paying a fair price for food

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