Boat trip to explore historical areas for foreigners in Bangkok

Today I’m on a boat trip organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Thai media to explore historical neighborhoods along the river in Bangkok where foreigners used to live. The trip is called “ย่านฝรั่งในบางกอก” (Foreign Quarter in Bangkok). This project is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ cultural diplomacy. Its purpose is to create historical awareness, which is an important foundation for learning about the nation’s cultural heritage and important past events and create a correct understanding of the history and culture of the country.

Wat Rachathiwat in Dusit district was originally established pre-Ayutthaya. It was given its present name by King Mongkut who once resided here. Of interest is the Khmer style ordination hall with murals in a fresco style by an Italian artist.


In 1674, King Narai granted land in Bangkok to the

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