Everything I know about the TM30 form after attending chamber of commerce meetings and speaking at the FCCT

The hottest topic for expats over the last few months is the controversial TM30 form. This is basically a form for landlords and homeowners to report the presence of foreign nationals to Immigration police within 24 hours of their arrival. This form has been around since 1979, but up to this point it has only applied to hotels. Then, about 4-5 months ago, the Immigration office at Chaengwattana, started to insist that foreigners needed the TM30 slip in their passport if they wanted their stay in Thailand to be extended. No form, no extension.

Thai Immigration suggest that expat tourists “travel less” around Thailand if they don’t want to keep filing TM30 forms.

The bombshell then came last week at the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce meeting that I attended (see my blog post here). Senior Immigration officials were now saying that a TM30 form had

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