Join us in the Galapagos in April 2017!

We’ll be hosting a very special small-group trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands April 22-30, 2017 to experience the incredible wildlife, history and natural beauty of these famous islands. Most people think the only way to experience the Galapagos is on a cruise ship, but this very special land based itinerary brings you closer to the destination as we hop from island to island experiencing the best of the best along the way.


Snorkeling in the tunnels of Isabela island amongst giant sea turtles, rays and seahorses Flying over the islands themselves in a small aircraft Seeking out giant land tortoises in the highlands of Santa Cruz Viewing the abundant wildlife on Tintoreras including iguanas and penguins Walking to the center of the earth with a visit to the equator outside Quito Visiting La Loberia beach on San Cristobal – home to sea lions and iguanas


Day 1, Welcome to Ecuador!

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