Kawaii Food Guide: Where to Find the Cutest Foods, Drinks, and Desserts in Tokyo

It’s not hard to find cute food in Tokyo; kawaii food (meaning cute or adorable in Japanese), is basically a national obsession.

My sister and I saw kawaii foods, drinks, and desserts all over Tokyo; from Totoro cream puffs to 3-D animal lattes. In fact, almost every dessert we tried had a face, ha.

So I wanted to write a guide on where to find the cutest foods in Tokyo. Because honestly, these foods, desserts, and drinks are too adorable not to share.

Tip – if you’re looking for cute food in Japan, check Instagram! That’s how we found most of these.

Table of Contents

1. Totoro cream puffs @ Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory

As a huge Miyazaki fan, I was so excited to try the Totoro cream puffs I’d seen all over Instagram. Totoro is a character from My Neighbor Totoro,

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