Luxury catamaran charters: Smooth, stable cruising and the freedom to explore idyllic shallow waters

Chartering a catamaran opens up a world of possibilities for an unforgettable, unique and exciting experience on the open water blending spacious al fresco decks, light and airy living spaces and highly versatile layouts.

Catamarans feature twin-hull designs which benefit from lightweight construction, extremely stable cruising and the ability to access the shallowest anchorages. Moreover, they frequently offer a more cost-effective option for charter, compared to other sailing or motor yachts, with equivalent levels of service from the crew and a similar choice of amenities and water toys.

Sailing efficiency and motor-driven speed

Catamarans are known for their impressive speed and efficiency with sailing catamarans having less friction, which in turn harnesses the wind extremely effectively. Equally exhilarating for both novice and experienced sailors, a sailing catamaran is incredibly manoeuvrable and easy to handle ensuring guests feel comfortable and confident on board. They also offer near-silent cruising giving a

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