The Oddity of German Kitchens for an American Abroad

You may be stunned to read this, but after living in Germany for 4 years, I have discovered that Germans do things differently than you do in the United States and the situation with a German kitchen when you are buying or renting a house there is just one of them — but it is a big one.

When you buy or rent a home in Germany, you should have no expectation that a modern German kitchen is included.  There is a room that you could use as a kitchen.  That room may have a few old cabinets and a sink, but mostly, it will be a completely empty room with electrical outlets and plumbing hook-ups (at least you know where the sink is supposed to go I guess.)

Ummmm, weren’t there supposed to be appliances there?

Yes, your “kitchen” will most likely have nothing at all in

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