5 Simple Ways to Build Up Your Cycling Confidence Before a Long Bicycle Trip

The thought of taking a long bicycle trip, especially if you’ve never ridden long distances before, can be a little intimidating. However, you can quickly build up your cycling confidence before you head off on your adventure by ensuring you have a good level of fitness and are well prepared.

How to Build Up Your Cycling Confidence Before Your Next Trip

If you want to tackle your cycling bucket list without fear, you’ll need to get used to off-roading and biking in questionable (but not dangerous) weather. 

Here’s how to build your confidence. 

1. Know what to do if you have an accident

It’s very important to wear protective gear, such as a helmet, high-visibility vest, and knee/elbow pads if you plan to take a long cycling trip. But if you do get in an accident, you need to make sure you’re safe before taking

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