7 Things Which May Surprise You About Travel to Antarctica

Comprising more than 90% of the earth’s land ice Antarctica holds the largest freshwater reserve on the planet. Its extreme climate conditions have bewitched explorers and scientists alike, and with a fascinating array of marine life and sea birds, it is truly one of the world’s most intriguing destinations. Yet few people are lucky enough to visit.

Thinking about booking a once-in-a-lifetime-trip? Here are 7 things which may surprise you about travelling to Antarctica.

You don’t have to brave the Drake Passage to get there

Thanks to the fact that the Southern Ocean currents in the Drake Passage meet no resistance from any landmass, anywhere on the planet, coupled with the area’s propensity for high wind, crossing the Drake Passage can be quite a hair-raising experience. But fear not, a lot of luxury Antarctica trips offer fly-in-cruise options. Simply hop aboard a flight from Punta Arenas in Chile and

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