9 Most Comprehensive Fortnight Tours of the Philippines: From Peaks to Beaches

Tucked away in the Pacific is an intricate jigsaw of islands, forming the stunning Philippines. Here, where stories are whispered by the winds and echoed by the waves, a two-week sojourn can unravel tales spanning millennia. These comprehensive fortnight tours are not mere itineraries but pathways into the soul of this archipelago. From towering peaks echoing ancient legends to serene beaches narrating tales of timeless tides, dive deep into a realm where nature and culture weave a mesmerizing narrative.

1. Luzon’s Grandeur: The Capital and the Cordilleras

Begin in Manila, the pulsating heart of the Philippines. Over three days, uncover the city’s layered history, starting with a guided tour of the Spanish-era walled city of Intramuros, marvel at the San Agustin Church, and experience the modern vibe of Bonifacio Global City. Dive into local flavors with culinary experiences at traditional Filipino restaurants, sampling dishes that have been passed down through

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