An American in Italy: The Most Exclusive Luxury Destinations

Italy’s tourism sector is experiencing a significant revival this year and the primary catalyst of this growth is the influx of American tourists: it is estimated that around 2.2 million visitors from the United States will grace Italy’s shores between July and September, generating a substantial revenue of €2.1 billion.

Aside from the favorable exchange rate between the euro and the dollar, two very popular television shows played a significant role in boosting Italy’s popularity: Season 2 of The White Lotus was entirely filmed on the island of Sicily, specifically in Taormina. Parts of Season 3 of Succession were filmed amongst the gorgeous hills of the Val d’Orcia region in Tuscany. Both shows perfectly display what it means to take a vacation in the land of la dolce vita: gorgeous scenery, luxurious palazzos, friendly locals, unparalleled history, vibrant culture, and of course- amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

Italy is the perfect destination

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