Bored of Track Running? Get Out On One Of America’s Top Six Running Trails

Hitting the gym treadmill or running in crowded parks just doesn’t hold the same appeal after a while. As a result, some runners can become uninspired and end up skipping training sessions.

If you are tired of running the same old, well-worn tracks, get ready to grab your running bracelet and lace up your running shoes again because these six top running trails in the United States will inspire you to get moving.

1. Green Mountain Summit Loop Trail: Boulder, Colorado

Known as one of the best cities for outdoorsy people, Boulder, Colorado has no shortage of running trails. However, one of the best ones for runners to check out is the Green Mountain Summit Loop Trail.

Starting out at Gregory Canyon Trailhead and looping back to either Gregory Canyon or Saddle Rock, this strenuous yet stunningly beautiful trail takes you through mountains, meadows, stream crossings

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